A hidden away gin haven in the centre of Exeter.

One of the things we love most about this part of the world are the side alleys which feature hidden gems such as Crocketts Gin Bar.

Hidden away on tiny Upper Paul Street on the edge of Gandy Street in Exeter, is the quaint Grade II listed building called Crocketts. Stepping inside the building you almost feel like you’re walking back in time into a decadent Victorian home. The low lighting sets the perfect tone for a relaxed and romantic afternoon or evening.

With Chandeliers drooping from the ceiling and wallpaper which makes you feel like you’re sitting in an old library, it makes you want to melt into your comfortable stool and sit back from the busy streets while you sip on a specially made gin.

We all know a gin and tonic – perhaps the marmite of alcoholic beverages. Whatever your opinion on gin we can guarantee Crocketts will change the way you view the sweet and spicy nectar to go with that fizzy and bold tonic or fruity mixer you like.

The bar staff are highly trained gin enthusiasts and will ensure that you will fall in love with the drink that they serve. It all begins with a simple question “what gin would you usually drink?”. The reason for this question is simply they want you to experience a new gin, to excite those taste buds and change the way you order gin in the future.

Whether it be a sweet gin, for a spicier palette or just a case of ‘surprise me’ they will take you through over 80 different gins and 8 different tonic waters. Their speciality are artisan gins distilled in the South West, including Exeter Gin and Tarquins. They also offer a variety of familiar and new names from the gin world to deliver weird, wonderful and unusual tastes!

When they begin to understand your palette and your expectation, they will suggest a handful of gins for you to try, ultimately to ensure that the first sip is perfection, a taste which will raise the hairs on your arms and give you a warm hug on the inside.

If we haven’t managed to tempt you yet and you’re still undecided whether you want a gin or not, they also serve cider, lager, beer and have an extensive wine list. They also have a humidor containing 8 specially picked cigars from Cuba, La Palma, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic.

So, take yourself away from the stresses of the day and enter the ever so self-indulgent experience that Crocketts can offer.  We’ll see you on the gin side.

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