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Life brings you so many unexpected opportunities that we can often find ourselves asking are we heading in the right direction and what does life hold for us? Well we have a lady who can answer that question…Hannah Jackson.

Hannah Jackson is a medium and specialises in tarot cards, crystal ball and room readings and is the brains behind Psychic Room. Hannah should be seen as your best friend who can give you the ultimate advice – through her special talents she can guide you in almost every aspect of your life.

We were lucky enough to experience all her special talents in one place and it was truly life changing. However, as this experience is a very personal journey for those who are involved, we will explain each step and what you can get from the wonderful experiences she offers.

Our journey started by meeting Hannah, her smile and engaging personality made us very calm and we felt like we had almost known her for years. Her whole demeanour was incredibly friendly and welcoming. Walking into her home was like walking into a beautiful alternative universe. Beautifully decorated with draping’s of colourful fabrics, old dark varnished cabinets and of course her tarot cards and the amazing crystal ball shining it’s light.

To begin our journey into the unknown we started with a tarot card reading. Tarot cards come in a pack of 78, each with their own imagery, symbolism and story. Tarot cards should be viewed as a storybook to our lives, the mirror to our soul and the key to our inner wisdom. The cards are designed to show us certain spiritual lessons we have either met or will meet in our lives. The purpose of these cards is so that we can be guided to make our ideal future and manifest our goals.

Secondly, we were introduced to the crystal ball which is a jaw dropping piece of equipment. Hannah inherited it from her grandmother, and it is now 200 years old – can you imagine the stories that this ball has told? It is impeccably clean reflecting even the smallest beams of light and kept and covered by a yellow silk scarf until its power is needed. The crystal ball should be thought of as an extension of Hannah’s psychic ability. It allows her to project her visions into a safe place which is easier to read. Different from Tarot, the crystal ball can show you direct answers to specific questions.

Interestingly the crystal ball will also react to your emotions, if you are a private person and reluctant to open up, the crystal ball will mirror your behaviour and can give away very little information. If you are keen to find an answer you need such as, will I find love again? it will determine not only if you will but perhaps when, where and why. It truly is a powerful tool which will help you understand your life and your future much better.

Lastly, we had a room reading. Simply put, you will be asked to bring along pictures of rooms in your home. The concept of a room reading is to see your room and where there may be problem areas. Problem areas could be things such as an inappropriately positioned lamp, which in one case means you aren’t spreading light efficiently so could become a portal to another dimension. Or you could be faced with a lack of colour in your room which could mean that you are lacking passion or love.

Room readings are designed to improve your life in whatever way you need in the home. Hannah shared a story with us of a room reading she did for a family member. This family member couldn’t understand why their children were particularly unhappy and crying all the time and this seemed to happen in the living room area of their home. On inspection from Hannah, she realised that a cupboard in the house had become a portal for spirits which made them uneasy. This was fixed by rearranging the room and now the family are much happier.

Hannah can also be a medium that opens an extra element to each one of her experiences. She speaks honestly if someone from beyond the grave is speaking to her and trying to communicate with you. She also believes that spirits are part of the world, not all of them are evil and some carry important messages.

Overall the experience with Hannah at Psychic Room is a real, life changing moment that should be investigated by all. Even if you are a complete cynic, Hannah has a unique way to enable you to visualise your life and the opportunities that can arise for you.

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