Delicious authentic pizza? Yes please!

Everyone’s tried a slice of pizza. The delicious thin crust, thick crust or stuffed crust with a rich tomato base, lashings of cheesy goodness and an array of varied toppings.  But have you tried the best?  The real artisan, authentic kind made by real Italians and available in the sweetest little restaurant in Exeter?

Mario Pizza is a family-run Italian restaurant specialising in real, rustic pizza. The handmade dough is made fresh daily and topped with the most incredible, flavoursome ingredients. Served unsliced to keep the flavours intact, the first bite leaves you with a sense of sitting under the Italian sun, surrounded by friends and family enjoying a feast that brings you together.

The beautifully designed menu introduces you to flavour combinations you may not have tried while Mario himself welcomes your own creations to deliver the exact style pizza you love.  Baked in a proper pizza oven ensures the edges are crisp and the highest quality pizza is produced. Presented to you, steam rising and the aroma bursting through your senses, the crispy crust looks perfect and that first bite takes you on quite the journey. Thoughts rush through your head wishing you had tried Mario Pizza sooner.

Fancy something extra?  Delight in the calzone, baked from dough that has been left to rise for 24 hours, sides, desserts and more! In a lot of other Italian restaurants there is usually one or two calzones on offer, if that. At Mario Pizza, there is as great a selection, from classic pepperoni, to a Caribbean-style, and even a Nutella filled calzone! What more could you ask for? He is also very flexible on requests, so don’t think you’re limited in choice, the topping and filling world is your oyster! Not only is it amazing food, but you can also order online or on the phone, and eat-in or take-away!

Even though Mario Pizza is new to Exeter, already they are becoming the place to go for the best pizza in town.  We should know, the SW Local team visit at least once a week! What are you waiting for?  

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