Hey, have you ever wanted to try something new but always found yourself back in the same place?

Yeah, we know that feeling.  You end up in the ‘old faithful’ because you know what you’ll get, the staff are friendly and hey, it’s just easy right?

Now cast your mind back to the time a friend introduced you to something new.  Was it an incredible new restaurant? A new spa hotel? Maybe even a new activity that has now become a favourite hobby you can’t live without?  Remember that feeling of discovering something new? It’s good isn’t it?  Actually, it’s probably more than good, as often finding those hidden gems are the ones you hold close and love to tell others about.

That’s what SW Local is all about.  Call us your new friends who only recommend the absolute best places to eat, drink, get your beauty fix and introduce you to incredible new activities.  You’re welcome.

We know you’ve got a sense of adventure and love a little bit of inspiration, that’s why we teamed up with the best independent businesses across the South West to bring you exactly that.  Businesses built by a person with a passion and a dream. A dream they are inviting you to share with them, which we have tried, tested and loved!

If that’s not enough, did you know that by shopping local you’re supporting your local community and economy?  Every £10 spent with a local independent business means an additional £50 goes back to the local economy. Another reason to feel good. 

So, let us inspire you and unleash your sense of adventure to make memories with friends and family all whilst supporting your local community.

Together we can strengthen our economy, build stronger bonds throughout our neighbourhood and put money back into our own pockets. After all, we live here, we should be celebrating the great places around us and sharing the hidden gems with each other.

You also don’t need to take our word for it, we constantly have people testing our vouchers and experiences. Check out this review of The Cridford Inn written by Visit Exeter

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