Explore the River Exe on land and the water!

At Saddles and Paddles the SW Local team has had so much fun experiencing all they have to offer. You can cycle along the River Exe, down to Exmouth, Dawlish and over the river to a lovely pub where you can have a pit stop on the river. You can also go kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddle boarding on the river. You decide what you want to do!

Saddles and Paddles is situated on the Quay in Exeter, offering a great day out for those that love a little adventure and the beautiful outdoors. It is a great place to visit with family and friends whatever the ability, they’ve got a range of activities to suit everyone.

They offer great flexibility in where you want to go, giving you the freedom to paddle up or down the River Exe, you choose your own route. With cycling, you can go pretty much any direction you want, the longer you rent for, the further you can go!

The friendly team at are highly qualified and support you if you’re feeling a little nervous. Our lovely Laura was new to cycling and they gave her some tuition and within no time, she was off! You’re briefed before you head off anywhere so you’re aware of what goes on in the area, which is very useful on a busy day down at The Quay. A little nervous about standing up on a paddle board?  No problem, you can take it easy and gently paddle while sat down and enjoy the calming waters as you glide gently along with friends.

We loved the all the activities at Saddles & Paddles so much we’ve brought them to SW Local at incredible prices for you to try them out.  Have fun!

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